About us

"Ron Blauw elle eten kook wedstrijd"


Based in culturally diverse Amsterdam, Cultcha Kombucha is a unique, female-owned, artisanal microbrewery (the first in the Netherlands). We craft a healthy, authentic and delicious elixir, selecting only premium ingredients of the highest quality, whilst remaining devoted to the environment.

As culture-thirsty souls with backgrounds in the culinary, linguistic & visual arts, design is nearly as essential to us as flavour. Therefore, we carefully chose our French amber glass bottles (which not only serve to protect the healthy probiotic bacteria but are also beautiful enough to be upcycled), our slim, refined craft paper in bold, representative colors (which can easily be soaked off) and a clean, simple, minimalist, Japanese aesthetic to represent the ancient origins of kombucha.

Similar to the alchemy that takes place during the fermentation process, where the community of bacteria and yeast transform humble tea and sugar into myriad health benefits in the form of a delightful tonic, we too experience the synergistic effects of working together and growing within our local community. For us it’s not just about cranking out another hipster drink. It’s about giving back the most precious thing we know to the community who has made Amsterdam our home.

Therefore we hand -brew, -bottle and –label, with passion and pride, every single batch of Cultcha Kombucha, the surprisingly delicious health remedy that’s been part of our daily lives for decades.